half day4-5 hours6000010000
one day7-8 hours8000020000
* Update at Sep. 2023.
* Price is in Japanese YEN.
* Price tend to change according to season, and it is open to negotiation.


  • [Price] One price for solo, couple, family, group, no matter how many people. But for the CAR option, maximum 6 persons.
  • [CAR] An optional service, meaning that I can drive you from start to end, convenient for going multi-location.
  • [Potential fee] For some temples, customers should pay entrance tickets including mine.
  • [Potential fee] CAR option includes potential fees such as parking, highway.
  • [Pictures] Usually more than 70 pictures for one hour can be selected and retouched.
  • [Pictures] Output will be sent to customers in 3 days via online albume.
  • [Location] Although there are so many popular tourist spots in Kyoto, I know a lot of beautiful but quiet destinations from my over 20 years Kyoto life. I can customize for you, especially for long time plans.
  • [Kimono] If you need, I can connect Kimono rental shop and reserve for you.


About 20% of total fee is necessary to be prepaid as reservation deposit. For the rest, cash of Yen is preferred after the photography.

Following transfer methods are available:


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  • Wechat > kyolens
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